Personal Narrative: Andalugia

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I landed right in the middle of the plains.
Only a pleasant wind is blowing without any signs of people as far as my eyes can see.

As the transfer formation started safely and served it’s function, my body could feel the substantial magical power that was not felt at all on earth.

Gathering magical power in my right hand, an image of burning flames was imagined in my palms.
And then, Pop, and a small fireball appears.
As I did not intend to burn anything particularly, the fireball was extinguished by stopping my magical supply.

“Yes!! I came back!”

Savoring the feeling of actually returning Andalugia and magic for the first time in 3 months, I firmly grasp both hands.

Even if I enjoy the delight for a period of time, I have to think about
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Since the possibility being transferred to a destination without people has been considered, sleeping bag and preserved food has been stuffed into my backpack.

I decided to search for someone while wandering for a while and begun walking in a suitable direction.


On the 3rd night of coming to Andalugia,

I was roaming about in a forest.
Far from finding people, I could not even discover a highway.
Without a concrete aim, because I kept wandering this way and that way, it might be justified to say that it’s natural.

Halfheartedly, I was tired of wandering aimlessly alone without someone to talk to.
I was beginning to think if I should fly up to the sky with magic to look for a town or something.
I understand that it will be fast if I had done so in the beginning, but I wanted to enjoy the pointless matters.
Well, and yet I got tired as a result.

Because the sun has already set today, tomorrow, let’s do so when it’s bright.
I sat down and cast the magic for searching which was perform periodically while thinking so.

“AH! There is a person.”

Approximately about 4km from here, probably to the east? There was a person that way.
The number of people is approximately
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Conversely, I hear words from the other party in Japanese.

“Err, I do not intend to do anything. However, could you tell me the direction and distance of the town?”
“……The town of Torres is around 2 days south.”
After worrying briefly, a person of the guards taught me the direction to the town while pointing.

The town of Torres.
I’ve never heard of it.

“I see. Thank you very much.”

I give thanks and leave.
As long as the distance and direction to the town is heard, it isn’t necessary to approach unreasonably.
If it’s 2 days by a carriage, I should barely be able to arrive by the end of tomorrow.

However, the sun has completely set already.
Let’s sleep in the open here today.

Since it will only burden the guards with useless anxiety to be here,
I decided to take a rest somewhere approximately 1km away from the merchant party.

At night, eating canned meal, wiping my body with water produce from magic and after drying the washed undergarment, I now check the area nearby with search magic as I intend to sleep.

I’m surprised.

The number of people of the merchant party at the north has
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