Anders Behring Breivik: Who Are Murderers Right?

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Some would say, Dennis Nilsen, Adam Lanza, and Anders Behring Breivik are synonymous. All are murderers right? Contrary to popular belief, all three murderers are categorized individually. Nilsen, a British serial killer, and necrophiliac is infamous for strangling, drowning and dismembering fifteen young men/boys amid 1978-1983 in London, England. Adam Lanza, on the other hand, shot and killed his mother and then murdered 20 first graders and six faculty members before committing suicide. Nonetheless, Anders Behring Breivik -a Norwegian terrorist- is a spree murderer. He executed eight people with a van bomb in Oslo, then shot and killed sixty-nine members of AUF Summer Camp ( workers youth league) on the island of Utoya. While serial, mass

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