Anderson Fair Short Story

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Spring was coming to an end and it was the first week of the Anderson Fair. Anderson is well known for the annual fair that is now held at the Civic Center. The fair contained some delicious smells of the savory, mouth-watering funnel cakes, the sight of ice cream dripping from the unknowing small child’s face, and the fresh spun, sugary cotton candy that covered the paper cones. As the Farris Wheel rose so slowly all you could do was take in the view and hear the laughter of kids on other roller coasters nearby. Rebecca had straight brunette hair that cuts off at the shoulder. She wore tube socks, Converses, shorty shorts, and her favorite rock band shirt. Brandon had a shaggy, sandy blonde colored hair, which stopped just above his eyes. He wore blue jeans ripped in multiple places, a pair of vans, and an ACDC shirt. They clashed together so well with their rock band looks. Rebecca and Brandon are headed towards the fair. Smiles spread from one side to the other, overjoyed to be there. Rebecca had waited all week to go. She loved going to the fair, it brought back the best memories of her childhood. She knew the first thing she wanted to do was get some…show more content…
There were no clouds in sight. It was the perfect setting for a Ferris wheel ride. As Brandon and Rebecca climbed to the top of the massive Ferris wheel, they came to a halt. Brandon saw how adoring and beautiful Rebecca was and knew tonight was the night he would propose. They made their descent, as the guy pushed the button for the Ferris wheel to come back around. They got off and walked little ways from the Ferris wheel when Brandon asked for Rebecca to wait. She did not know that her life would change under that Ferris wheel that night. Brandon got down on one knee to tie his shoe. When he was done, he had come back up with something in his hand. Rebecca gasped as she saw the sixteen-carrot diamond ring in his
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