Andrea Gates: The Definition Of Insane

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The word insane has created many new ways to define the term. Andrea Gates was arrested for the murder of her kids in 2001 and then in 2005 she pled that she was insane and ended up being place in a mental hospital. Andrea Yates was known to have a mental illness according to her doctor and she was being prescribed medicine for it until week before the death of her kids. According to Andrea Gates Satan was telling her that he was going to go after her kids and harm them. Andrea Gates knew that killing her kids would be frowned upon GOD so she restrained herself but once she got of her medication she started to plan out how she was going to drown all five kids to protect them after her husband wasn’t in the house so no one can stop her and she …show more content…

During the court case Dietz, a lawyer asked "As you drowned each one, did you think it was the right thing to be doing?" Andrea Yates nodded yes (Roche, 2002). Who in their right mind would ever yes to that question? That’s right…..someone insane. What Andrea Yates thought she was doing was protecting her children from being tormented by Satan. Andrea Yates told her lawyer that the Devil controlled her until she had obeyed him, “He left when I committed my crime,” she said (Roche, 2002). This shows that while drowning her kids that she didn’t know that she was doing the wrong thing. Andrea Yates had a long history of mental illness, she had been contemplating the murder of her children for two years but she stopped herself because she knew that God would judge her actions as bad (Roche, 2002). The only reason for why she knew that killing her kids was a bad idea before was because she was on antipsychotic medication. Weeks before she killed her children Andrea Yates was taken off her medication. Andrea Yates clearly still needed to be on her medicine because when she was on them she knew right from wrong. Andrea Yates experience hallucinations that she believe were real, which caused her to behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashion (Medical-Dictionary). This why she wasn’t able to understand what she was doing was wrong until her psychotic episode …show more content…

Andrea Yates brutally killed her kids by drowning them in the bath tub one by one, what kind of person has the mental decency to watch five of her kids struggle under water till they die? Andrea Yates wasn’t able to feel any emotion while killing her kids because at that moment any mother who is mentally sane would not want her kids to suffer especially five of them back to back. Mothers usually have a natural impulse to love and protect their children, which is hard-wired into their brain (Parker-Pope, 2008). Andrea Yates clearly didn’t care about how her husband and family members would feel about this situation, Andrea Yates waited till her husband left to commit the crime. Andrea Yates, husband probably suffered more than anyone because no father ever wants to bury his own kids. Andrea Yates clearly felt no regards for her loved ones, she basically emotionally damage everyone she knew with this horrible case. People who don’t even personally know the Yates family were emotionally endured by the story, Foreman Frank talked about how the Yates trial had an effect on his life and other jury members "The first time I gave my son a bath after seeing those pictures, it was very hard," Frank said as he fought back tears (Andrea Yates case, 2007). Imagine what emotional damage she put family members and loved ones. Andrea Yates clearly did care about how she emotionally damage other people by killing

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