Andrea Yates Article Analysis

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I chose to read the article about Andrea Yates. The article started out by talking about Andrea (Kennedy) Yates’ achievements in her younger years, such as, being the class valedictorian, officer in the National Honor Society (NHS) and she was also captain of her swim team (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ). She later went on to become and work as a Registered Nurse (RN) (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ). In her mid twenties she met Rusty Yates, however, it was odd that she approached him as many people described her as a recluse (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ). Rusty is the man who she would later marry, and have five children with (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ). The Yates’ were all about wanting to have as many kids as possible and even referred to Andrea Yates herself "Fertile Myrtle" (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ). The family chose to live in a tiny renovated bus only that was only 350-square-foot, after living in a trailer for quite some time (Andrea Yates: Post-Partum Psychosis n.d. ).
The article then begins to talk about Andrea’s obsession with Michael Woroniecki
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Postpartum Psychosis includes one or more of the following: strange beliefs that could not be true (delusions), hearing, seeing, feeling or smelling things that are not there (hallucinations), high mood with loss of touch with reality (mania), severe confusion” (What is Postpartum Psychosis? n.d.). After reading the article about Andrea Yates I was kinda shocked because I had never heard of the story and was amazed at how a person as accomplished as she could do such a horrible act. In my human developmental psychology class we had mentioned this term before, but I did not know that it could get this serious as if having a child could turn on an evil switch within
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