Andrea Yates Summary

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This world is full of many things we will never understand. Andreas Yates was diagnosed with mental illness two years before she drown her children in the tub. Yes, that is an absolutely awful thing to do to your children. But no, she is not the complete monster. In my opinion the mental health system failed Ms. Yates. I would say once someone is diagnosed with a mental illness and already try to commit suicide after her 1st birth, should of have been assessed. Ms. Yates had passed severe postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis, even before she could completely heal, she found herself with another newborn baby to take care of and other four kids to grow.
The Andrea Yates trial is an example of a crime that can be analyzed from many viewpoints. I think theory of positivist applies to the Yates case. Positivism by Lombroso says
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According to the text “Critical theory focuses on political, cultural, economic, and social relationships within a culture; particularly as they are related to what groups have power and which do not”(Barkan & Bryjak, 2011) . Once accepting the devil would not leave her physical and spiritual body, Andrea knew the only way to destroy the devil within her would be to have her put to death (McLellan, 2006). The author does not agree with Andrea’s mindset. It almost appears as if she wants to be sacrificial; however, from her previous actions show she does not consider the wellbeing of her children. Researching Andrea Yates’ family mental health, it was discovered three siblings had been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Depression was the dominant mental illness whereas bipolar disorder was not (Resnick, 2007). The author analyzed that since her immediately family was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder the expressive gene would be CACNA1C; CACNB2 would not be considered in the discussion since this expressive gene is linked to Autism and
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