Andrei Chikatilo Research Paper

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Andrei Chikatilo was born on the 16th of October, 1936. He was believed to have killed at least 52 women and children in the Soviet Union. Chikatilo was born to a poor family who received no money for their work and suffered from a lack of food. His mother was unforgiving and harsh towards her children and each time Chikatilo would wet the bed, being a long term bed wetter, he would be punished by his mother. Chikatilo’s father was sent to war when the Soviet Union joined World War II. Because of being malnourished, Chikatilo’s stomach was swollen and would get bullied in school because of his appearance. In adolescence, Chikatilo was a model student and an enthusiastic communist and graduated with outstanding grades in 1954, in his teens he had also found out that he suffered from impotence which made him hate himself and become more socially awkward. After graduating he tried to get a scholarship to Moscow University, however he didn’t get in, Chikatilo thought this might have been because of his father being taken prisoner at war, even though this was actually because other students had performed better than him. In 1963 Chikatilo’s sister and her husband arranged his marriage to a woman called…show more content…
His attitude changed throughout the court session, he was talking to himself, singing and at one point dropped his pants. On October 15th, Chikatilo was charged for the murders of 52 people and was sentenced to death, 16 months later he was shot in the head.
My research question is “To what extent is Andrei Chikatilo a psychopath?” I chose this question because Chikatilo shows many traits of being a psychopath which is why I think this question is appropriate for this essay. I believe Andrei Chikatilo is a psychopath to a large extent, even though in his court session he was acting a little psychotic, I would still conclude him to be a
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