Andrew Abbott's Speech 'The Aims Of Education Address'

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In addition, People goes to college for many different reasons. The most important reason why I am going to college is to gain more knowledge and learn more skills exploring Variety of different things. General knowledge and skills are essential because most jobs require people to educated and possess excellence job- orientated skills such as public speaking, and critically thinking. Andrew Abbott made a great point in his speech “The Aims of Education Address’’ on September 26, 2002, that although we will forget certain knowledge they learned in college, they will retain cognitive skills. So therefore, a person should go to college to gain these cognitive skills in order find a job in the future. Furthermore, some people also go to college…show more content…
They have the opportunity to become more independent and to acquire new knowledge and skills. College experiences help people to truly find themselves through personal growth. Higher education exposes people to new ideas, cultures and differences that were not in high school. College helps people to realize their future, college helps students prepares students for their respectively careers and jobs in the future. However, college has some disadvantages, just like what Andrew Abbott, Andrew Delbanco, and Peter Cappelli Suggested in their books and speech. One of them is that college education is expensive and many parents risk and spend a lot of money to have their children complete college. These authors have argued that students do not only learn knowledge from the books but they also gain essential experience such as how to cooperate with other people, which is very important in our future careers. They are argued that higher educations are expensive, they are very rewarding in the end. In sum, there are countless reasons for people to go to college or university, but my main purposes for obtaining a higher education is to prepare for future job or career, gain esteemed experiences for my life and also acquire new cognitive skills and knowledge that will open doors for me in the work
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