Andrew Carnegie Critique

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How I chose my topic I chose my topic on Andrew Carnegie and the steel empire. I chose this topic because i thought that the steel industry was very interesting and all of the engineering and how andrew carnegie was the richest man in the late eighteen hundreds. It was very intriguing how he donated a lot of his money towards other companies to help them strive. Something that caught my attention was the engineering that goes into all of the stuff he did because i love engineering and all about it and the math that you have to do on top of the problem solving. How I conducted my research I conducted my research by searching up “Andrew Carnegie” on the internet and finding some reliable resources. I next went into every one of the websites to see if they had anything helpful such as a ,timeline, pictures or a ,biography. I next wrote the http address and typed it in a document to that i could later put all of my primary and secondary resources and put them into one bibliography. I used one book that helped me alot and i was by Laura B. Edge and it was basically about the end of his career and how he became so successful and his success towards philanthropy. I used website that…show more content…
I have worked with web sites for a very long time and i make website just for fun on weebly so i have a lot of experience with making web sites. I created my project by using colors that would relate to my theme and topic. The grey would go with the steel and metal because that what Andrew Carnegie worked with and that was his job. Then black and white would go with my theme because it was in the late eighteen hundreds. I first started with my buttons and my theme of the web site and the colors i was going to use for it. Then i added all of my words and bibliography and stuff. Then i put in pictures to go with my

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