Andrew Carnegie: Heroic Or Hero?

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Many people believe that Andrew Carnegie was a hero. I disagree, I believe that he was not a hero but a robber baron. Throughout every aspect of his life including his personal life, business approach, and his philanthropy show that he was not a hero. He has done many wrong and unjust things in these parts of his life they prove that he was not heroic. Not only is he not heroic but he is also a robber baron. In Andrew Carnegie's personal life and rise to success there are many things that he has done that proves that he is not a hero. One thing is that he says that law of competition is a wonderful thing for our material development. This may be somewhat true but he is just using this to justify what he is doing. Using this logic and survival…show more content…
Many people say that he is a hero because he donated a lot of money to charity. I believe the reason he did this was to look good in the public eye. He says things like that a way to use your fortunes is to help out the community. If he actually thought this then why would he not do this his entire life. Why would he not help all of his workers that worked in bad conditions and got paid very little. He did not help them because he does not truly care about them. He just wanted to be remembered as a good person. Not a evil robber baron which he truly was. He would also use his money to hide bad things that he did. He would use it was a kind of distraction or a justification for what he did. An example of this is he would reduce wages of his workers then he would donate money to others. If he did this then most people would not notice the bad thing that he was done to the workers. This would enable him to do bad things but still look good to the public. A hero would never do something like this. He is basically just tricking everybody into thinking that what he is doing is good. If he was a hero and not a robber baron he would actually help everybody in need and not hide the bad thing that he has done. For many reasons Andrew Carnegie was not a hero but a robber baron. In his personal life, business approach, and philanthropy he was not heroic. He would either just hide the bad things that he would do or just not do anything heroic. He basically a standard robber baron for the time. The only reason that some people think he was a hero was because he would trick the public or every once in awhile do something good. Andrew Carnegie was a man that cared more about money then other people. This is just one of the many reasons that makes Andrew Carnegie not a

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