Andrew Carnegie's Speech Summary

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In the economic rise of the steel industry, brand new entrepreneurs worked even harder to achieve the American dream. The dream was to get rich. Many people tried, and many people failed trying to become the next American hero. This journey did not come without consequences though. Andrew Carnegie was the main man in the steel industry, the top dog. He revolutionized the production of steel to make it more efficient, as well as a much stronger product than previously. He created his empire on the backs of the American people. All of this new steel means more workers. Carnegie had the steel workers working long hours, almost every day of the week, in awful working conditions that were not fit for humans. This did not make the men working these conditions very happy, but they had no other choice but to support their families. In 1892 these men at the steel mill in…show more content…
He describes in detail how cruel the police forces were, even when the workers were peacefully protesting. Lewis used irony to tug at the hearts of readers in explaining how the women will be widowed, and some of the children will be orphaned. Lewis used irony many times in the duration of the speech. This was a good tactic because this speech really opened the eyes of the people. Lewis used bibliomancy to sow the sorrows that occur in the bible, in Israel, are related to the hard times of labor, “Labor, like Israel, has many sorrows.” Most people, especially back in the early 1900’s, were very religious. People know the struggles and hardships that occur in Israel, therefore using this choice of words struck people and got his word across. Pathos is the most used out of the three devices included in this speech. Tons of emotional triggers helps the audience feel like Lewis is talking directly to them. Most speeches do not contain the amount of statistics that Lewis used in his, this is the logos in his
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