Andrew Carnegie's Contributions In American History

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Throughout their lifespan, men and women who are wealthy cannot possibly spend all their money in a lifespan; they constantly face the problem of greediness. In history, many rich men and women held on to most of their money to themselves and did not give any of it away for the greater good. Nonetheless, one of the utmost philanthropists in U.S. history, Andrew Carnegie stands way above the crowd, as he donated greatly to nation by encouraging world peace and by also creating educational and social advancements.
The greatest influential philanthropist in American history may be Andrew Carnegie. He was the type of person who was seeking to support the well being of others, mainly by the substantial contribution of currency to good causes. The amount of his generosity is nearly without noble. His donations surpass those of nearly everybody else’s in the nation’s history. The total of his achievements is equally historic. He constructed some 2,800 libraries around the world, created what converted into one of the world’s greatest research universities, donated one of the nation’s most noteworthy grant makers, and founded charitable establishments that are still operating nearly an era after his death. And, maybe uniquely between businessmen, the value of his writing has confirmed that his views on philanthropy have been endlessly in copy for more
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Carnegie viewed philanthropy as critical for directing these inadequacies. He called on persons having the biggest fruits of the financial system to use their fortune to construct the best beneficial outcomes for the public. This would guarantee that all of humanity would gain, reducing dislikes that might eventually lead to replacement of a generous system of free originality with a little creative, one made on jealousy and
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