The Gospel Of Wealth Analysis

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Name Institution Instructor Date According to Andrew Carnegie ‘The gospel of wealth’ (1889), he emphasizes that the biggest problem of our age is wealth administration. There is a distinction flanked by the rich and the poor where the ties of brotherhood bind them together in a pleasant-sounding relationship. Over the past decades, human life has not only changed but revolutionized with a difference, in the former days between the dwelling, food, dressing and environment of the rich and the have-nots. The contrast in modern life tends to gauge the changes accompanied with civilization. The changes that come with civilization are to be embraced and welcomed as highly beneficial to the human race. Carnegie lists three modes that are useful…show more content…
Analyze the significance of change across time in history as demonstrated by these documents; Carnegie suggests that it is paramount for the progress of the race that some Houses should be homes for all so that civilization is refined. He says that competence is the aim of all to acquire given the large sums of money saved over generations by many years of toil and hard work from which the returns are needed for maintaining and educating the families. Change is inevitable and essential for the growth of human life. Human life has not only changed but also revolutionized within the past decades. Some things change others stay the same, for instance, neither master nor servant was well off as compared to current times. It would be devastating to go back to the good old times, as, neither the master nor was the servant as well placed as…show more content…
If a problem is faced courageously and wisely, then there is no unsolvable problem. This call for change can happen if, bit by bit, part by part, through direct recruiting by the government. Moreover, through employment, the government can accomplish the most important projects to stimulate and reorganize how natural resources are used. By acknowledging the overbalance in the industrial centers population-wise, a national redistribution aimed at providing better use of the land for those fitted for the land is a proper way to reorganize resource utilization. This is attainable by having definite efforts aimed to raise agricultural products’ values. Moreover, attaining this goal can be helped by unifying the scattered and unequal relief activities, by insisting that government institutions act on the reduction of cost for produce based on the ready
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