Andrew Dawson's Arguments Against Capital Punishment

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People cannot just "get away" with certain crimes. If a person kills another human-being, that person should not be able to live. According to Prison Policy initiative, in the United States, there are more than 169,000 inmates in prison that have killed/murdered. In the United States around 15 children and teens are being killed each day. These families do not deserve to be in pain and shouldn 't have to go through something like that. To some people, the death penalty may be harsh, but it 's placed in order to protect our society and give families a sign of relief. For every murderer sent to death sentence the more people will feel ensured to be safe and have closure. Andrew Dawson was given a life sentence in 1982, after stabbing a 91-year old to death 12 times. He escaped in 2010 and decided to brutally kill two more people,…show more content…
People want justice. Whatever the killer did to the innocent person, should be done to the killer. People want that feeling of justice and making sure the killer would never do anything like that ever again. "I have this constant awareness of him breathing air, visiting with family, doing all those things that he denied so many people, that he denied my daughter. Once he is dead, he will not be at my table. He will not be in my head." That was a quote from a father who had lost his daughter from a serial killer. To conclude, society wants to feel safe. "I believe the death penalty should be used sparingly for heinous, forensically supported crimes. In these cases, I truly believe that our foremost responsibility is to ensure our own safety and that of our children and our communities," (-Anonymous). People want closure and security after something so tragic has happened. The death penalty may seem harsh to some people, but in the end is the right thing to do. People will need justice and security, they need that relief that the killer will not come back and do anything. We need capital
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