Andrew Jackson: A Great President

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States of America,(1829-1837) Born on the 15th of March, in 1767 in the waxhaw area; died on the 18th of June in 1845. Many believed Andrew Jackson was a great president, but many more believe he was a one of the worst presidents to date because of all the cruel actions he committed. Andrew Jackson was a very mediocre president, but because of his cruel actions he is seen more commonly as a terrible president.
Although during Andrew Jackson’s presidency his major impacts comprised mainly of cruelness towards the Native Americans, he did have some positives overall as president making it considerable if he was a “Great President.” A major praise of Andrew Jackson was that he appealed to the
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The Native Americans had to be relocated to different land, so these Indians were forced to march the “Trail of Tears” in which approximately 4000 Indians were subject to fate’s hands and died, or were murdered due to being non-cooperative. Since Andrew Jackson decided to commit these immoral acts he gave himself a very bad reputation when it came to the indians and in doing this he allowed history to judge him and it’s not in a positive manner.
Andrew Jackson made good and bad contributions, but in the eyes of many people including me the bad decisions or immorale ones outweigh the positive impacts he had as a president. It's very debatable whether Andrew Jackson was a good or bad president because of his public speaking and how the people loved him, since of his background and his ability to connect with the people of the United States, and all the bad he did to the Indians without even consideration of

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