Andrew Jackson: A National War Hero

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Andrew Jackson became the seventh president of the United States in 1829. He ran for president four years prior and lost to John Quincy Adams, however, Jackson came back and ran a second time for president in the next election and redeemed himself by defeating Adams and taking his spot as president. Andrew Jackson came from poverty and worked his way to the top, becoming a young politician by 1812. In 1812 a war broke out between Britain and the United States. Jackson showed great leadership skills during this time and earned widespread fame as a military hero. His luck took a turn when he lost the election to Adams, but he rallied and came out on top. In Andrew Jackson’s early years he lived in South Carolina with a mother and two brothers. The Carolinas were invaded by the British in 1780-1781 and during this…show more content…
senate. A war broke out with Great Britain in 1812 and during this time Jackson was the head of the state militia. Becoming the head of the state of militia marked the beginning of Andrew Jackson’s military career. Following the War of 1812, Jackson led his people to victory in the Battle of New Orleans and defeated the British. This victory led to the elevation of Jackson’s status and he was now considered a national war hero. Andrew Jackson’s status as a national war hero came with a great amount of popularity and many people suggested that he run for president. Although, he eventually did run, he had no interest to in the beginning. By 1824, his supporters had gained enough recognition to get him a nomination and a seat in the U.S. Senate. Jackson beat the other contestants in the popular vote, but for the electoral votes, nobody won the majority and the House of Representatives were called to make the decision, ultimately choosing John Quincy Adams. Fast forward four years and Andrew Jackson ran again for president, but the outcome was very different; he
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