Andrew Jackson: A True American Hero

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A hero is somebody who does something remarkable that alters someone's perception of life. A hero, must have the following three attributes; they must be brave, they must have a desire to make a difference, and they must have perseverance. Many people have heard of Andrew Jackson’s contribution to the revolutionary war, but have they ever considered him a hero? Andrew Jackson is one of the most commendable American Heroes Because of his independent education in law, his authoritative presidency, and legacy of Military Advancements. Andrew Jackson personally pursued an education in law. He worked as a clerk for two years, copying legal documents, running errands, and cleaning the office to pay for his education (Trail of Tears). Andrew Jackson Worked Extremely hard to earn his education. He finished his training in the law office of Colonel John…show more content…
Andrew Jackson served a remarkable presidency and boasted many social and economic changes. In the wake of those changes Jackson worried about the central government's propensity toward abuse of power and the accumulation of power in the hand of a small political and economic elite (Latner). He was really focused on the balance of power in the government. He was a popular spokesperson among the majority of the united states. (Trail of Tears). This popularity lead to his election in 1828. For many in the United States Jackson came to symbolize the democratic advances of the country (Trail of tears). All in all, Jackson was a very productive president. he accomplished many tasks to help the country. Andrew Jackson is a positive hero figure for all interested in politics or military advancements. He was brave, had a desire to make a difference, and had perseverance. He pursued an independent education in law, had an authoritative presidency, and many military Advancements. We all can learn something from Jackson. He is a true American
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