Andrew Jackson: A True Hero

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Andrew Jackson, some say hero, others say monster. Although, history has clearly shown that he is one of America's greatest heroes. Take the battle of New Orleans for example. A great victory for the States in the War of 1812. He was also a log cabin president, meaning he was born poor. He understood the people and their problems. Andrew Jackson also made people much more involved in the process of being elected. For instance, he wanted the people to watch him be inaugurated. Jackson reformed the government. He played a huge role in all white males being able to vote. For these reasons and many more, Andrew Jackson was an American Hero. First of all, Andrew Jackson could understand the people. He was literally born in a log cabin. Since Andrew Jackson was not a rich snob like some other presidents, the people liked him. In fact, Jackson was orphaned at the age of 14. He understood their problems. He talked and lived like the people. It’s amazing that Andrew Jackson worked his way from nothing to the president. Andrew Jackson completely reformed the government. Presidents past would get the same workers in the White House as everyone else. Jackson fired everybody in the White House and hired is friends. When it was time for the inauguration, Jackson…show more content…
They say that Andrew Jackson was a racist man who caused much pain. He wasn’t exactly friends with the Natives, but that doesn’t make him a monster. That would be like saying every time someone didn’t really like another person, calling them a monster. The idea that Andrew Jackson was a monster is absurd. Take the Battle of New Orleans, without Jackson the States may have lost. It is completely wrong to call a war hero a monster. He made it so all White Men could vote. That may seem small, but back then it was a huge accomplishment. He put the States on the road to letting all people vote. The facts speak for themselves. Andrew Jackson was a
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