Andrew Jackson: A War Hero

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As a democracy, we expect our leaders to care about the we want as a union. However, this isn 't what we always get. For example, Andrew Jackson could be considered one of these self serving leaders. To some, Andrew Jackson represents a war hero but others would say he was an arrogant and unbending person. Impoverished and uneducated he would rise from orphan to war hero leaving thousands of Native Americans dead in the wake of his political ambitions. They called him Old Hickory and he would wield his stick without regard, overpowering his adversaries with great might. Before he was president, he served in the American military and drove the Spanish out of Florida without specific orders from his commanding officer. The Spanish were infuriated…show more content…
“Jackson argued that the United States policy of attempting to assimilate the tribes into white society had failed and the Native Americans’ way of life would eventually be destroyed.” ( Thousands of Native Americans died due to his decisions; he seemed to show his total disregard for their culture and rights. This displays his autocratic tendencies, but his crisis involving South Carolina does as well. When the Tariff of 1832 began to harm South Carolina but aid the North, our state threatened to leave the union in order to protect our economy. However, Jackson was going to use force to make us follow his laws; he wasn 't willing to bend at all. That is when Calhoun, his former vice president at the time, began questioning him but instead of aiding South Carolina, he argued that it was for the good of the union. How can a man that clearly only cared about his beliefs and opinions his be considered the “people 's president”? He only aided those who agreed with him and held autocratic beliefs, which our government is staunchly against. The nickname Old Hickory would later be replaced with Jackass and King Andrew. Of course, others will disagree and say he is a heroic man and I agree that some of his actions were noble but America doesn 't deserve a president who has done so many questionable
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