Andrew Jackson Accomplishments

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Andrew Jackson a farmer, politician, judge, soldier, prosecutor, and most import the seventh president of the United States of America. He was a strong supporter of the Democratic party and helped it in its establishment of the party. He was born on March 15, 1767 in North or South Carolina. It was never confirmed which State he was actually born in and both claim him as their own. During Andrew's early life, he lived in North Carolina. His parents immigrated from Ireland two years prior to his birth. When the British invaded in 1780, his mother and two brothers were caught in the affair and past away during the conflict. The British then took him prisoner. Leading from the death of his family Jackson would therefore cause a hostility from him towards the British for the rest of his life. The anger he had against the British caused him to lead an exceptional army and be president of The United States of America. Once Andrew got older he…show more content…
The election caused people start digging up information about him causing his wife to be accused of adultery because she was not legally divorced from her first husband when she married him. Shortly after the election she passed away. Jackson believed that the accusations rushed her death. When Jackson was elected it was a major change. The political power switched from East to West for the first time in history. With the political parties not being defined yet Jackson helped the parties develop. The supporters of Jackson were later known as the Democratic party. Then leaving everyone else unclassified due to not having developed the other parties quite yet. While in his presidency he definitely showed he was not against using his veto power. Jackson vetoed more bills than any other president. He made some great changes to this country in many people's opinion, because of this he was later voted to be the face of the $20
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