Andrew Jackson Accomplishments

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Andrew Jackson was a very controversial character and many people either loved or hated him. Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America and has done many things during his presidency. Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 and died June 8, 1845. He has accomplished many things throughout his life even before he became president. Before his presidency, he helped in the Revolutionary War to gain our independence. During his presidency he had done many things, one of them was the Indian Removal Act. After his presidency he has left a legacy behind and returned home. Andrew Jackson affected the United States, but not only during his presidency, but before and after it as well.
Andrew Jackson was a fighter. He would always fight himself out of everything as a child which was ironic because his …show more content…

Andrew Jackson wrote a journal and he talked about each day. On January 29, 1813, this is what he said, “The weather is yet very cold. The General and Troops are impatient of detention. But they cannot war against the Elements. The Ice runs in the River with unabated rapidity. The General determines that our delay shall contribute to the improvement of discipline. This day was occupied as yesterday in the exercise of the Troops. It is a pleasing circumstance to observe their rapid progress in the science of Tactics. They are emerging from a state of ignorance, to the honourable qualifications of soldiers. The appearance of our army on the field, their order, discipline and marching entitle them to the praise of regular Troops. The River has risen more than four feet since yesterday. It's still rising. The appearance of Ice is much less than in the morning. Great hopes are entertained that we can go on our Voyage in the morning.” He was explaining the harsh conditions the weather had brought and how he had initial doubts with his

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