Andrew Jackson And His America Summary

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In the book Andrew Jackson and his America, many topics were discussed. Some of the topics included Jackson’s political career and his military career. He started out as a lawyer’s apprentice in North Carolina. From there he becomes a lawyer and then a judge. Jackson then later became the first senate in the House of Representatives for the new state, Tennessee. He ran for president in the election of 1824, but lost to John Q. Adams. Jackson then won the next election, in 1828. During this time his wife, Rachel, died because of a stress related heart attack. Jackson’s military career started when he was at the age of thirteen. He became a soldier in the Revolutionary war. He then became a general in the army. During his time as a general, he …show more content…

It does this when Jackson accuses Adams of “corrupt bargain” with Henry Clay. This relates to the campaigning of present day presidential candidates. Today it is mostly Donald Trump who gives information, sometimes false, about the other candidates. The evidence in this book seemed slightly biased. Though, it did give both the good and the bad things the Jackson did, it made it seem like there was always someone else to blame. There was a lot of information that may have seemed not important or too much. Those facts helped with the understanding of the more important ones. For example, the information about exactly how Rachel, his wife, died and what happened before her death helped explain how Jackson and Adams fought each other with words and sometimes false facts. While reading the book, I learned that Andrew Jackson was more than just a president and army general. He was not just a general, but a war hero, he may have been strict on his soldiers but they still considered him “Old Hickory”. Jackson did not just win his presidency he fought for it and then in turn lost his wife. Even with the threat of the Nullification act, he still kept in his mind that the Federal power should be reserved and did not let any state keep that from

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