Andrew Jackson And The Goals Of The American System

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The economic plan known as the American System came into existence when the next generation of politicians gained their office positions (Schultz,Mays,Winfree,2010). The plan, an updated version developed by Democratic-Republicans who had externally endorsed Jefferson's small government plan, but intently desired the advocacy of the federal government. The ringleaders for the American System were Henry Clay of Kentucky and John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. From their perspective, the government should create roads and canals for internal improvements, in which allowed for economic growth between states. They wanted to establish secure banks instead of allowing the people to borrow from shady money lenders. And lastly, they desired to raise tariffs to assist and protect the federal government during economic growth, with additional funding coming from the sale of public lands (…show more content…
The system had opposers, of course, wealthy planters believed the system was being used to exploit them, while northern and western businesses received the benefits (Schultz,Mays,Winfree,2010). The hitch for some groups was they approved of the benefits as long as they were the ones reaping them, they only raised a stink when others benefitted. The future president, Andrew Jackson, became one of the primary objectors of the American System, in spite of his previous support of the plan. There was a bitterness between the parties throughout his
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