Andrew Jackson As A Dictator Essay

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Andrew Jackson is an oppressing dictator that has no respect for other races and religions. He does not care what other branches of government says, he does whatever he wants. Also, Jackson does not care if taxes and tariffs are unconstitutional, he justs wants them to be paid. Furthermore, he takes jobs away from people who deserve them to give them to his friends. Although Jackson has proven to be resourceful in the past by using his kitchen cabinet, he has still made more bad decisions to outweigh his good decisions. Andrew Jackson should be remembered as a president turned tyrant due to his apathy, brutality, and his oppression. Jackson is a dictator with too much power, he does not care about what the affects of his decisions are. He kicked out the Native Americans of their land without letting them get their belongings or anything, a normal human being would at least let the get shoes before walking a great distance. The Supreme Court “consider the several Indian nations as distinct…show more content…
Jackson Passed a tariff or tax that made the south pay more for foreign goods, these foreign items were very cheap but with the tax it was more expensive than what the north were selling it for. The south felt as if the tariff was benefiting the tax was “intended for the protection of domestic manufactures,” (Nullification Ordinance Document 3). According to the Constitution the south could nullify the tax if they felt it was unjust, so they did. When Jackson heard about this was was furious. Jackson was threatening to “recourse to force” (Nullification Ordinance Document 3). He threatened to hang every single person that nullified the tax that he passed, even though they had a right to nullify the tax if they choose to. In, conclusion, Andrew Jackson is a president that doesn’t care about what the Constitution says, he does what he wants and will kill the people that don’t do what he
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