Andrew Jackson Biography Essay

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Andrew Jackson was birthed March 15, 1767, in a region between North and South Carolina. Jackson’s parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, who emigrated from the country of Ireland in 1765. While growing up, Jackson stayed with a large extended family and received a very rocky education, which put him in a lot of tough predicaments. When Jackson reached the age of 13, he went as a courier in the Revolutionary War. Jackson had a brother named Hugh who died by heatstroke in the Stono Ferry Battle in 1779, and afterwards, Jackson and his other brother Robert got captured by the British. While captured, a British officer left Jackson with scars on his body, as punishment for not doing what they ¨ordered¨ him to do. Both of the brothers…show more content…
After going to school to study law, and moving to Salisbury, NC, in 1787 he received his license for practicing law. To make sure he had enough income to work as a lawyer, he upheld extra jobs at local town stores. That December in 1787 John McNairy, a friend of Jackson, became a judge by NC’s legislature. McNairy had Jackson appointed to be the public prosecutor. After Jackson was appointed to be a prosecutor, he moved to west Nashville in 1788. All through the 1790’s, Jackson helped build a solid foundation for Tennessee by becoming Attorney General district in 1791. Jackson served as a delegate in 1796 and went to Philadelphia for lobbying Congress. He ended up being the first H.O.R’s member in Tennessee, serving from 1796-97. He was also senator from 1797-98. Jackson had many financial difficulties during this time, so he resigned. He went back to Nashville and went to work as a circuit judge in 1799. He also held a law practice. He was very successful in managing stores, a whiskey distillery, etc. By stocking his stores in major cities, he was elected major general in 1802 by Tennessee militia. He formed many partnerships that ended in land sales, but also almost went bankrupt in 1804 after a failed partnership. He sold his plantation and resigned his position and opened a store, tavern,
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