Andrew Jackson Common Man Era

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Andrew Jackson’s victory in the presidential election against John Quincy Adams in 1828 would bring about the “common man era” in America. This was a time during the Jacksonian Democracy that promoted the common man, states’ rights and strict construction. For the first time in the United States history, a man born in humble circumstances (who did not have a college education) from west of the Appalachian Mountains, was now President. In the past, politicians had been elected because of their social status due to their family background, wealth and education. Jackson’s election as president marked an end to the wealthy politician’s steak. People viewed Jackson as the representation of the up-and-coming middle and working class of America. Therefore, Jackson embraced the role of protecting the “common men”.…show more content…
To the people, Jackson represented the common man and looked up to him in beliefs that he would thus help their way of
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