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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 between North Carolina and South Carolina, the Waxhaws region. His father died before he was even born because of a logging accident. He eventually became an orphan due to the rest of his family dying from war and sickness. He went to local schools and received an elementary education. A little later in life he became a lawyer and eventually bought land which was a big deal back in the day. He also fought in the war of 1812 and was considered a hero after he defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans. After that he began his role in the government as a senator in Tennessee. That shortly ended after about only one year. He then took his shot at the presidency which he successfully…show more content…
When Jackson came into the White House his first mission was to reform the nation. He worked out differences between the Native Americans and their borders within the United States. Since Jackson found out that Adams cheated in the election he charged him and his campaign team with fraud. This lead to him removing a large amount of government officials along with some attorneys. He said himself that he was disrupting the corruption and getting rid of it. Jackson then hired new people that weren’t trying to go against him. One of which was his friend from New York William L. Marcy. Of course there was the Indian removal the “trail of tears.” This was by far one of the most controversial things that any president has ever done in office. In fact Indian removal was so very important to President Jackson that he had to negotiate in Tennessee. Overall the Indian removal wasn’t exactly the smartest thing Andrew Jackson had done in office. I selected Andrew Jackson since he seemed like an interesting president. I knew that he had founded the Democratic Party. I was told that most people loved him or hated him there was no in between. This brought up questions about why that was the case and what he did terrifically right or wrong. In my opinion Jackson was actually a very good president besides the whole Indian removal situation. Other than that he made some very good decisions and ultimately set up the United States for success in the
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