Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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Was Andrew Jackson, one of America's most beloved presidents, a democratic leader? Andrew Jackson the first president to get the will of the people involved with the American government, making him a democratic leader. As a democratic leader, he listened to the wishes and wants of the people when making important government decisions. Him doing so, made the vast majority of the American people support him. During his first run for election in 1824, he lost to John Quincy Adams because of a so called “corrupt bargain.” After John Quincy Adams was done with his presidency, Jackson won back to back presidencies in 1828 and 1832. Even after the death of Andrew Jackson, people still wrote him in for president, which shows the lasting impression he left on the nation.

In the writing, “The American Pageant,” it stated that the election of Andrew Jackson was a revolution achieved by ballots instead of bullets. Also, it stated that Jackson’s victory sped up the transfer of power from the country house to the farm house, from the east to the west, from the snobs to the mobs. Lastly, this writing states that if Jefferson was a hero of the gentleman farmer, Jackson was a hero of the dirt farmer. This shows that Jackson’s presidency was a revolution in the common people's minds because they
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Also, it states that Jackson gave the idea of a law that would limit the term on which government officials could serve to 4 years. Lastly, it stated that no man has any more right to a government job than others. This document supports that Jackson was democratic because he suggested a law that would give the common people a chance at working for the government. Before Jackson, only high class people could work at government jobs. Now, the common people would have a shot at a job that they would never have been able to work at
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