Andrew Jackson Era Of The Common Man Essay

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As the first president to be elected that came from a humble beginning and did not lose the values that he had from his roots. Andrew Jackson was seen as a common man by the people and was looked to as a role model of building wealth. When he took office in 1829, the time that Andrew Jackson was in office was known as the "Era of the Common Man." Jackson was seen as the people's president and his policies matched the values of his supporters. In a time where there were no split political parties, Jackson was trying to be a president of the people. The "Era of the Common Man got its name from the origins and policies of Jackson, the support of the people, and the lasting legacy. Andrew Jackson was from Kentucky, and he was born into a poor family. All of his wealth was made by him and based on his origins Jackson claimed to be a common man. Jackson believed strongly in states' rights and that the Federal government should be weak. Jackson followed his political views in destroying the National Bank and transferred the money to the states. But Jackson as a common man he also instituted the Indian Removal Act which promoted …show more content…

In response to haw, some people saw Jackson's time in power as reckless the Whig party was formed in opposition to Jackson and his policies. The group was formed in opposition just for the sake of disliking Jackson as a cause for their formation. Not to say that Jackson was not governing the way that his supporters wanted him to, Jackson used his power to represent the people who supported him and where his roots come from, the common man. The common man supported Jackson in working for states' rights and a weaker central government. Jackson accomplished his goals of providing land for westward expansion, weakening the central government, and strengthens the power of the

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