Andrew Jackson: Hero Or Villain?

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As Andrew Jackson slowly rose to the complete power of president, controversy over his motives arose as well. Born in 1767 in South Carolina to a poverty-ridden family and an absent father, Jackson became one of the most debated presidents ever. His hot temper and self-reliance seemed to appeal to the people, yet his inability to take criticism and advice did not go unnoticed by the country’s government. To the bare eye he was a war hero, but if you dug deeper, you would discover he was a murderer, he was the common people’s choice, yet he seemed to not care about any other race besides his own. With these opposing characteristics, Jackson became the center of many debates and conflicts, hero or villain? A villain. He was a vile president with a hot temper and a craving to expand, no matter what the cost; his presidency alone was atrocious, with the Panic of 1837 and him being the cause of the Trail of Tears. His official presidency started in 1829 and proceeded throughout the years leading up to 1837. Before he began the life of a president, he was politically active between the 1820’s and the 1830’s. For his inauguration, he invited the entirety of the public to the white house -the first president to do so- and the crowd was so large “that furniture and dishes were broken as people jostled one another to get a look at the president” ( In total, ten thousand people from across the country came to see the new president, but with this many people,
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