Andrew Jackson: If I Lived In The 1820's?

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Andrew Jackson If I had lived in the 1820’s I would of have voted for Andrew Jackson because he won the battle of New Orleans against the british, he was powerful and controlling, and that he hunts down runaway fugitive slaves and hostile semonals. First of all, I would've voted for Jackson if I lived in the 1820’s because he defended New Orleans from the British because on (page 228-229) it states, “The attackers suffered the most devastating defeat of the entire war, losing over two thousand, killed and wounded, in half an hour, as compared with some seventy for the Americans. It was an astonishing victory for Jackson and his men. News of the victory struck the country “like a clap of thunder,” according to one contemporary. Andrew Jackson became a national hero as poets and politicians lined up to sing the praises of the defenders of New Orleans.” This shows that Jackson successfully defended New Orleans because only a few Americans died compared to losing more than two thousand men from Britain. Knowing that Jackson defended New Orleans in 1815 would of got my vote because I would feel safe…show more content…
He hanged two Indian chiefs without ceremony and,after hasty military trials, executed two British subjects for assisting the Indians. He also seized the two most important Spanish posts in the area, St. Marks and then Pensacola, where he deposed the Spanish governor, who was lucky enough to escape Jackson’s jerking noose.” This shows his aggressiveness of taking over and showing up two of the most important Spanish post in the area because the Spanish were their enemies. This is another reason why I would vote for Jackson because of his toughness in Florida which led to the Florida Purchase Treaty which expanded their country and pushed back
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