Andrew Jackson Inhumane Essay

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Second Bank of the United States. This alone can be reason one might not refer to Jackson as a good president.
Additionally, Andrew Jackson was considered a man of the people, but his inhumane views towards non-whites cannot deem him “good”. His beliefs that Native Americans are savages and black people property is not a good representation of democracy. During his Jackson’s presidency, the issue of slavery was dormant. Though a few white Americans were trying to question the morality of enslaving blacks the fact was that slavery was vital to American prosperity and men like Andrew Jackson could not envision a world without it. The nation had simply accepted the position of servitude that people of color occupied. Human slavery was a powerhouse
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He took full advantage of profiting from human misery. Jackson’s party promoted the interests of slaveholders and so helped to delay a solution to the slavery question until it broke out into the Civil War in 1861. Jackson’s support of slavery was evident, as he participated in military campaigns that sought to increase the Southern, slave- owning territory. Jackson did not oppose slavery or speak out against its inhumanity. He owned well over 100 slaves therefore, you can’t be much of a good person or a hero to hold that much people in slavery for all their…show more content…
Yes, Andrew Jackson fought his way to leadership and wealth in a frontier society, and his success did established an unbreakable bond between him and the common people but it was at the expense of slaves and Indians. We cannot forget that the 'Jacksonian Democracy' was solely limited to non-elite whites. Also, Jackson’s tyrannical actions outweigh his accomplishments and good deeds. Jackson's authoritarian will, failure to enforce a Supreme Court decision regarding Indian Removal, excessive vetoes, inhumane use of slavery, destruction of the Second Bank of the United States, his ugly patronage schemes make him far from a “great” president. However, Jackson leaves a legacy of a strong presidency. He has made the executive branch superior to Congress and shows that the president represents the will of the people. What made Andrew Jackson a “good or great” president was his ability to use tyranny to pursue the goals of the American common people. Some of his accomplishments are admirable and ones that deem him a hero but one cannot trivialize his very negative sides which diminish his greatness as
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