Andrew Jackson Innocence

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The seventh president of the United States was Andrew Jackson. He was accused of the slaughter of the Cherokee Indians, but can he be found innocent. There are a few reasons for his innocence like, he did give the indians two years to get ready for departure instead of kicking them out automatically. Also he actually didn’t want to remove them at first. He also told them that they would find food and clothing for all . When Andrew Jackson wanted the removal of the indians he had warned them that there would be a removal soon and to not resist. If they resisted there would be consequences. From this warning they could prepare and get everything ready and have ideas of how to make a new settlement once West of the Mississippi River. They would also not feel so pushed out at once if having time to know their fate.…show more content…
He wanted to have the treaty signed , but they didn’t sign. This is what forced the removal of the indians. He was forced to have officers to make sure it was enforced and the officers were not enemies as the indians thought they were. The indians brought it upon themselves by not signing the treaty that soldiers were sent in to enforce that it be
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