Andrew Jackson Kitchen Cabinet Analysis

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I am writing this letter because I am disgusted by the way you recently talked about our current president, Andrew Jackson. You insulted the Jackson name with your irrelevant comments about his style of government. Jackson believes the United States should use a type of government called a Jacksonian Democracy. In your article, you criticized him because he is a common man, he created a Kitchen Cabinet, and he uses the spoils system. Jackson being a “common man” was something he should be praised for not criticized for. Being a common man helped him relate to the American people. He understood the hardships they experienced and saw their struggle to gain power in the government because of the wealthy class. You said this was a bad thing because he wasn’t educated enough to run the government, but he was actually better educated through his experiences as a common man. He brings new ideas never seen or used before to balance the power between the wealthy and the poor. One of these new ideas is the Kitchen Cabinet.…show more content…
This gave Jackson even more insight into the minds of the American citizens because the Kitchen members were also “common people.” As a result, the common people had a say in their government, unlike before. In your article you mocked the kitchen cabinet. You said it was improper and unreliable for the president to meet with a group of “common people” and discuss how the government should have been run, especially in the White House kitchen. In Jackson 's world it was not uncommon for people to meet and discuss issues in the kitchen. Also they were not unreliable because they saw things from a different perspective. The Kitchen Cabinet was a great asset to the United States
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