Andrew Jackson Legacy Essay

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Born into a non-aristocratic poor family, somewhere in the Carolina’s on March 14, 1767, was a man named Andrew Jackson. Jackson, also called “Old Hickory” was a very bold proactive man in American history. From being a military hero and founding the democratic party to enacting the trail of tears and dismantling the of the Bank of the United States, the man and his legacy are a prominent topic for scholarly debate. Some believe he was a great president and some believe he was the worse president. But if you look at it from a moral perceptive or in the eyes of a foreigner, Jackson’s legacy was far more villainous than heroic. Jackson, who was captured by the British at the age of 13 for acting as a messenger for the militia, has been a part …show more content…

Jackson no doubt, was an excellent military man and leader. He had courage others dreamt of having and was also a very good outspoken speaker, not afraid to display his beliefs. Jackson became famous with his military leadership. In the war of 1812, Jackson served as major general and led the U.S. Army against the “Creek Indians”, who were allies of the British. The war was concluded after Jackson and his men (including Sam Houston & David Crockett) defeated the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Jackson also led U.S. forces to victory against the British at the “Battle of New Orleans”. Jackson had only 5,000 soldiers by his side but still defeated the British and their 7,500. The battle actually took place after the war had ended with the Treaty of Ghent being established but the news of the treaty did not reach in time. This victory over the British under such terms propelled Jackson into the status of a War Hero and made him a prominent figure in Washington. Another significant part of Jackson’s military career was his leading of the invasion of Spanish owned Florida. That act ultimately led to the United States gaining Florida from Spain. These acts, on top of Jackson’s relatability with the common man are the reasons people admired Andrew Jackson and thought of him as an American

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