Andrew Jackson: Life After The Civil War

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This Paper is obviously about Andrew Jackson.. He was born in the Carolinas in 1767. He read lots of lawyer books and became a young prodigy as a young lawyer in Tennessee. He was very jealous of his honor and was in many brawls in order to defend it, and also dueled a man and killed him due to the man disrespecting his woman Rachel. Jackson owned more than a hundred slaves in Nashville. He was the very first man to be elected in the House of Representatives from Tennessee. But before he was a politician he was a soldier. In fact, he had lead the American Army to the most surprising victory in history as we know it. It was the Battle of New Orleans, where he defeated the British and became a national hero. After his time in the military he…show more content…
In fact, he never even met his father. And not trying to go out of line here, but I imagine his mother was probably a prostitute, because back in those days it was frowned upon to fornicate before marriage. People were still very religious. In 1775 the American Revolution had begun, and Jackson was prone to violence. He despised the British Empire. The patriots relied on young boys to give the soldiers orders, Jackson was one of them at just 13 years old. At this age he was very angry and frustrated, he was mischievous and called a “trouble maker.” But he had passion and a fire that couldn’t be put out. He fell in love with Rachel, but sadly she was already married. The women back then were looked at as property and literally belonged to their husbands. So Jackson and Rachel ran off, and this is adultery which had a extreme punishment. This haunted them throughout the rest of their days, probably of the guilt of the wrong they had done by it. But despite their wrong, they were perfect for each other. She was the only person he had ever met in all of his days that could calm him down when he had gotten fired up when others couldn’t, which took a lot once he was set off. He had a temper, but he was a natural born
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