Andrew Jackson Musical Critique

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I had no preconceived ideas about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson before seeing the musical. After watching the musical, there were a few things that stood out to me to help me understand different aspects of the musical. Knowing very little about Andrew Jacksons life, the acting helped me understand different aspects of his life. The part of the production that helped me most understand the theme of the musical was the costumes. As the lights dimmed and the cast took the stage to sing their opening number, the first thing to catch my eye was the costumes of the cast. Having never heard of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, I wasn’t aware of what type of musical it would be. The moment I saw the cast in their rock star themed costumes, I knew it was…show more content…
From the production cast, I was able to see aspects of Andrew’s life that helped me understand how he became known as a controversial president. Andrew wasn’t a fan on Native American and wanted to remove them from their land. This was perfectly replicated multiple times throughout the play when Andrew and Chief Black Fox discuss various issues regarding relocating Native American tribes. One particular scene that expressed Jacksons hatred for Native Americas was during the first act when the musical number Ten Little Indians was sang by the cast. All the Indian chiefs meet with Jackson to discuss a treaty forcing them off their land and as each one leaves, Jackson has them killed scaring the next chief into signing the treaty. This scene allowed the audience to get a true understanding on how Jackson treated negotiations with the Native Americans and how Black Fox assisted him in moving the native Americans off their land. After attending the production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson I know have a broader understanding of the various situations that caused Andrew Jackson to make much of the controversial decisions he did during his presidency. The cast did a fantastic job intergrading characteristics to allow the audience to have insight into their characters’ background. Overall the musical captured all the important aspects and characteristics of Andrew Jacksons life that lead to him being known as one of the most controversial presidents in American
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