Andrew Jackson: My Greatest President

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Andrew Jackson There are many different reasons why andrew Jackson is my favorite president. One reason I admire Mr. jackson is that he served in the revolutionary war at the age of thirteen. Another reason I admire jackson is because he killed a man named Charles Dickens in a duel, that and he has been in over at least 5 to a 100 duels. He also took a bullet to the chest in one of his famous duels which he continued to carry with hith the rest of his life. He was also the only president to ever shut down a national bank. Andrew jackson was born on march 15, 1767, to Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s parents were emigrants from Ireland. Andrew and Elizabeth jackson were born in Irelands country Antrim (present day Northern Ireland). In 1765 Andrew and Elizabeth set sail with their two sons Hugh and Robert, from the port town of Carrick Fergos for America. Once the Jacksons arived they settled with fellow scott-Irsh men in the Waxhaws region that straddles…show more content…
national bank. As Jacksons term continued, he truly grew a desire to crush the Second Bank of the United states. Over time Jackson decided that it could not continue how it was, and that it did not want warrant reform, it must be destroyed. Jacksons reason for this conclusion was a result of his past financial problems, his views on states’ rights, and his tennesse roots.The Second Bank centralized financial might, jeopardizing economic stability; it served as a monopoly on fiscal policy, but it did not answer to anyone within the government. Above any principled concernsthe Bank became a political battle. So now you see the reasons why I admire Andrew Jackson is because he took down the second U.S. bank because he detested paper money and believed in keeping gold and silver. He also killed a man in a duel and carried a bullet in his chest for the rest of his life. All of these reasons are why Andrew Jackson is a inspiration to
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