Andrew Jackson: One Of America's Greatest President?

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In the course of American history, many presidents have come and gone. Even some of our Founding Fathers, such as George Washington, became president. In Washington 's case, he was the first president and the one to pave the way for many U.S. presidents to come. They are remembered in text-books, journals, bibliographies, magazines, websites, and much more. Some of their faces are even plastered on our money. The one dollar bill? George Washington. The five dollar bill? Abraham Lincoln. The twenty dollar bill? Andrew Jackson. Now, Andrew Jackson is the center of much argument. Many argue that he was a great president; others disagree. There is even a movement to remove his image from the twenty dollar bill, which has a figure with a likeness to him. And he earned the right, as others have before and after him, to have his face on a form of our currency. Why is it a bad idea to remove a U.S.…show more content…
It was known as the dirtiest campaign in American history. Other electors slandered him, and especially focused on his wife, Rachel, who had married him before her divorce with a previous man could be finalized. They called her an adulterer, much to Jackson 's anger and disgust. Unfortunately, within a month of election, Rachel Jackson died of a heart attack before she could officially become the First Lady of the United States. And while her death cut deeply into Jackson, he pushed on, as he knew he had to and knew she 'd want him to. He went on to shut down a corrupt bank, be the first and last president to rid the U.S. of all debt, and make many other accomplishments. However, there were some poor choices along the way. The Trail of Tears being an example of this; the mass killing of multiple Indians. Every president has made mistakes. This being on of the worst. But Andrew Jackson contributed so much to this country, it is hardly fair to condemn him for one horrible

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