Andrew Jackson Play Analysis

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0n Thursday November 10th I saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson which was written by Michael Friedman and directed by Alex Timbers. The play was about the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson. In addition, the play talked about his history, and how he fought for his country in a musical and funny way. Also, it talked about when he became a President. It was very good experience to learn about him, and how he loves people and listen to them. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is the first musical play I've gone to. I thought it wouldn’t be very good, but when I saw it I liked it. There are some factors made the play successful which are the music, the stage, and the actors. Music and the songs played important roles in the play. The whole play was based on music. The story was told by songs which made it funny by learning from songs. Furthermore, the music was emotional when something sorrowful…show more content…
The man who played Andrew's character was very agitated. I didn’t like his acting in the first time. However, I was impressed when I saw him in the scene when he was declaiming his speech. Furthermore, when he asked Black Fox to sign and they were arguing, not in the stage, but between the audiences. Also, they try to connect with the audiences while they sing. They have a lot of skills that made them good actors and actresses, such as when they sing and act orderly in the same time. There acting made the play very funny and good In conclusion, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson play was very enthusiastic, and it was totally worth seeing it. Music has the most important role in the play, and how it touched the audiences' feelings. The stage size was very helpful to make the actors and the actresses move easily. Also, the actors and the actresses have a lot of skills that made their acting very good. Finally, I thought the musical plays were very boring. I, however, enjoyed this pay very much, and it was worth watching
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