Andrew Jackson Point Of View Analysis

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There were two different points of view discussed in the documents. The first view from “Appeal of the Cherokee Nation” showed how the Cherokee was trying to show the congress their point of view about moving from their homeland to a place they do not know. They made valid points why they were not willing to move and their first reason was how they valued their current home because it was the land of their ancestors and they honored their dead in these lands. The Cherokee believed that leaving to the western territory would provoke the western tribes to violence towards the Cherokee members. Andrew Jackson had a different point of view and he was wanting the Cherokee land to use their resources and make more room for white citizens. From his point of view the offer of paying for the…show more content…
Boudinot believes that staying in the eastern territory will result in violence and he does not want his people to end up as servants and mistreated because they would not relocate. Some people believed the Indian removal policy was a great option because it was for the greater good of the new settlers coming to the United States. Having free Cherokee land would mean more resources for the settlers and they would have a healthier lifestyle and would be able to monetize the land to farmers and other agricultural practices. Our attitudes have changed a lot since the 1830’s because now we value the rights of every United States citizen and would not forcefully remove a race of people because they were wrongfully considered savages. Some of the ideals have stayed the same because the Indians do not own majority of the land like they did in the 1830’s but they are given many provisions such as free education, and many centers are built to honor and uphold the traditions of the Indian

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