Andrew Jackson Problem

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During the years of 1832, 1836, and 1840 the United States had two democrats in office and one Whig. In this paper I’m going to discuss the presidential election of 1828, 1836, and 1840 and the issues that were encountered during those elections. Andrew Jackson the 7th president of the United States was a democrat that had won against previous National Republican John Quincy Adams. Jackson was well known for his military success. He was also known for building the foundation for the Democratic Party. However, there was some drama to arose while Jackson was in office. Jackson and his wife was accused of adultery all because of an improper divorce. Rachel had not legally divorced her husband she was with prior to Jackson. To make the situation much worse once Jackson was in office Rachel died of what appears to be a heart attack or something related to the heart. Jackson had believed that it was caused by all the negativity and talk about the accusation. Two new political parties had formed while Jackson was in office. Those who were for…show more content…
Burren was the established 8th president in 1836 and was a democrat as was Jackson. The election race was extremely close in 1836 with William Harrison who was selected by the Whigs had lost. Once Burren had settled into his position as president the nation had experienced a financial panic. One of the causes was believed to be the transfer of federal funds from now-defunt banks of the United states to the smaller state banks. This lead to business and banks falling to a trouble status where many of them failed. During 1837 Buren reputation was effected by a long, costly war with the Seminole Indians of Florida. In attempt to resolve the financial panic Buren established an independent treasury that would take control of federal funds that were transfer to state banks. This also required for there to be a cut in government spending to help stabilize the United
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