Andrew Jackson Qualities

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Andrew Jackson was an amazing leader. He helped our country out by doing lots of things. He had a lot of leadership qualities and I would be excited to tell you some of his qualities. He also made very good decision making skills and he was a good listener. Andrew Jackson was a pragmatic leader who worked with patronage – oriental political system that excited then. He was much more focused on domestic politics than foreign policy. He became a hero when he defeated the British in the war of 1812. Most people describe him as a skilled negotiator. He was a helpful and brave president. Andrew Jackson had many distinctive character traits. Some of the traits that had the most impact on who he was a president included being quick tempered, fearless, strong willed, strict, loyal, and tough.…show more content…
He was fearless, strong willed, strict, loyal, and tough because he was the one who helped defeat the British and he was someone that helped our country and our people live a better life. I think that Andrew Jackson was a good president because he helped our country in many ways. He helped our country grow and stand together. He even fought against the British in the war! So in my opinion, I think that Andrew Jackson was a good
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