Andrew Jackson Stay On The 20 Dollar Bill Essay

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Andrew Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill. As with most people on United States money, it is most likely they did something memorable. It has been stated that he live a very controversial life, with people having different thoughts about him, both good and bad. With people having a variety of opinions regarding President Jackson, there are many opinions whether he should stay on the twenty dollar bill. Despite President Andrew Jackson’s controversial legacy, he should remain on the face of the twenty dollar bill because of his viewpoints regarding voting, sound money principles, and National debt. Firstly, one of the goals of the President Andrew Jackson was to give more power to the common person. As President Andrew Jackson wrote in his letter to Dr. Bronough, 1822. He took away the land requirements which led to many more people voting. Previously only landowners were allowed to vote therefore only favoring high-class citizens. The higher class citizens did not like this because it decreased their power to influence the government. Allowing more people to vote was an admirable thing President Andrew Jackson did which is one of the reasons worth remembering him on the twenty dollar bill. Secondly, President Andrew Jackson fought against the Bank of the United States, the Bank of the…show more content…
As Robert Smith, a correspondent for NPR’s Planet Money, said, he was a man who hated debt. The country had fifty-eight million dollars in debt for all the states, when he came into office in 1829. He wasn’t thinking if they should pay it off but how quickly to do it. The country was only debt free for exactly one year, it went back into debt when Andrew’s presidency was over to Martin Van Buren. Being debt free allows for a better money policy which Andrew Jackson is the only example of in United States history, this is worth remaining on the twenty dollar
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