Andrew Jackson: The First Democratic President

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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the first democratic president and to survive the Revolutionary War. He was liked for his hard work during the wars and the for leading troops. Andrew Jackson had become a U.S. Senate after he was a lawyer when he studied it. Andrew Jackson was also a Judge and a U.S. Representative. Andrew Jackson also help to spread democracy. People also got introduced to reform and all men could be able to vote. Reformers often wanted to make slavery get banned. They wanted to have free rights for everyone and also for the slaves. Reforms were organized to attempt to improve and to make better lives for all. Reform became very popular when Andrew Jackson took office in 1829. When he ran for president, he ran against…show more content…
When Andrew Jackson was leaving a memorial service for a congress man, a man stopped in front of him. The man pulled out a gun and pointed it at Andrew Jackson head. It did not fire, so he pulled a second gun which also didn’t fire. They believed he was from a british throne and owed massive amount of money to the U.S government. Andrew Jackson was said to be one of the democratic president to have good and bad choices during his term. Andrew Jackson made history for being the first democratic president. People thought that his choices were very bad for the country. Others thought that Andrew Jackson’s choices help to make the country greater and more better. Andrew Jackson was chosen for president for the smart decisions he made during the war. Andrew Jackson was to be thought to be a great leader for this country. However, some people didn’t think he made the right choices for the country. A person tried to assassinate him but failed and has misfired. Andrew Jackson went against the Supreme Court and did something that wasn’t in his command. Andrew Jackson also helped people to get involved in social reform from hs choices as the first democratic
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