Andrew Jackson Tyrant

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Andrew Jackson, being a tyrant, abused his power in his time of presidency. He was the 7th president, but before Jackson’s presidency, he had no political experience. One of the only things that really qualified him was the hardships he went through when he was younger. His father had died while Jackson was young and Jackson received the reputation as a “self-made man”, or an independent man. This title gave him a boost on reasons of why he should become president. Other than that, Jackson should not have been elected president, for he made many inexpert and wrong decisions such as the Indian Removal. Andrew Jackson was considered a tyrant because of his removal of the Native Americans, overuse of vetoing, and the general fact that he just…show more content…
Vetoing is to allow or reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body. The overall reason Jackson is known to be a tyrant is his abuse of power. The amount of vetoes he confirmed truly justifies the fact that he took advantage of his power. “The Second Bank of the United States was founded in 1816 and had a 20-year charter approved by congress that gave it the power to act exclusively as the federal government’s financial agent.” (Source 4) This is just one of the many examples of Jackson’s vetoes. While Jackson vetoed 12 bills in his time of presidency, other presidents at the time vetoed either none or no more than about 7. At the time, 12 vetoes was quite a lot compared to the other presidents. He had vetoes so many laws because he wanted to be the only person running the government. This is another example of his abuse of power. Overall, his way of presidency and amount of bills he had vetoed, really helps support the fact that he was a…show more content…
He had a harsh temper and his personality was just not fit to be in the position of president. Jackson was said to be better for the Army and military and that he just wasn’t really capable of the duties of being president. He even said himself that he was not quite made for president. “I know what I am fit for. I can command a body of men in a rough way, but I am not fit to be president.” (Source 1) Jackson is reported to be saying this statement, therefore, evidence that was not just opinionated about Jackson, but stated by Jackson. He had a personality that was way more needed in the Military. He was named to be brutal, tempestuous, and vengeful. Jackson’s temper had also been brought up by other presidents, such as Thomas Jefferson, saying Jackson was not right for president and that he was nothing but a man for the Army. He soon developed the reputation of an oppressor and a man not worthy of being head of America. In conclusion, there is much evidence to support the idea that Andrew Jackson was a tyrant and vastly abused his power in presidency. Jackson was a cruel ruler for his actions, some including the Indian Removal Act, his overuse of vetoing, and his temper and personality. Overall he was just not right for the position of a political
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