Andrew Jackson's America Analysis

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In the article “The Hunger for Indian Land in Andrew Jackson’s America” written by Anthony F. C. Wallace, the treatment of Indian tribes and land in the Jacksonian Era is discussed. This purpose of the article is to explain the reason for Indian removal that occurred under Andrew Jackson’s presidency. The thesis of this article is that Americans kicked the natives off of their land to expand America's cotton industry. In Wallace’s first point he explains Andrew Jackson's reasons for removing the Indians from their lands were for his personal interest rather than for the good of the people. Jackson was looking at land that was in Northern Alabama and was seen as a “prospectively lucrative site for agricultural development” (Wallace). The United…show more content…
He uses plenty of statistics that support his ideas on cotton production and finally he doesn’t blame Jackson for the removal of the Indians, he takes other factors into account. When Wallace explained John Ross’s background he was telling us that he was a “half-breed,” but that didn’t stop him from opposing Jackson’s Indian Removal Act and from fighting in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. The statistics that helped support the ideas about the cotton production made it to where they could predict how much cotton was being used every year and compensate for the next year to come. It was also used as a way to gauge the increase in cotton need and production, as well as what would make the cotton economy move faster. This helps us to understand the motives for Indian Removal.Wallace explains the different reasons why the Indians were removed from their land without blaming it on Jackson. He does this by pointing out the growth of the Industrial Revolution, the high demand for more cotton, and the promise that was made to purchase the Native American land in Georgia by the federal government. This all adds to the historical period by show different points of view of topics we thought for sure were only one way. All of them show how it’s not just one factor that makes things happen, but multiple factors that influence events. This…show more content…
The slave trade was when settlers took Africans out of their country and brought them to America to use as workers and laborers that they didn’t pay or keep healthy. The slave trade and the Indian Removal Act are similar because both of them did not get the choice on if they got to move from their homes, they were just told to by the Americans. They were also based on racism and greed as
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