Andrew Jackson's Life: Brave And Violent Man

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Andrew Jackson's Life Andrew Jackson was a brave and violent man that faced his problems head on. I think he was a indian hating man that did do some good things for the U.S. He grew hate for the british when they took his mother and made him clean a soldier's boots. Andrew refused to do it and the soldier got mad and swung his sword at his head, but caught the blade with his hand. He never really said he didn’t really like indians but, his actions showed it. He shut down the bank which really helped the people. The indians were kind, innocent people living in the wilderness minding their own business. Andrew Jackson has orders to kill them though. He kills them all in a bloody battle and takes a baby that wasn’t killed in a fight. He raised the boy as his own, but that…show more content…
It was called the Trail of Tears. They called it that because thousands of indians died during this walk. Even though he was helping his people by moving all the indians westward, he was ruining thousands of indian lives. He just didn’t seem to care that much either. He used them in battle, then just threw them westward with the rest of the indians. His hate for the british was actually a good thing. It fueled his fire in battle against them. His surprise victory was because of the indian’s help and his fire against them. The british took him and his brother and made them clean the soldier’s boots. Andrew refused and nearly got his head chopped off by a soldier, but he caught the blade just in time. He did good for the United States by shutting down the National Bank. The national bank was a bank that took people's money and used it for gambling. They were cheaters and thieves. Andrew hated them not only because of their lying but, because they called Andrew’s wife and mother names. He blamed the bank people of his wife’s death. So he shut the bank down using all the power he could. And for that the people are thankful for
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