Andrew Jackson's Narrative

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As Jackson awoke, he mentally prepared himself for his daily routine of running from tormentors and hiding in alleyways. He grasped his knapsack and cautiously opened the door as if he expected the tormentors to wait for him. He walked to school like a gazelle hunted via lions; constantly checking his surroundings. He thought he had made it to school safely, all of a sudden three soccer players snatched him and dragged him into the alley near the school. One of the players held him as another spoke in a condescending tone. “Where’s mommy and daddy when you need them?”
Jackson thrashed and punched as much as he could while held down. He could feel his fist connect with the largest player’s face. The player’s face reddened and his fist clenched
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Jackson’s heart sped as he ran towards his home. He could hear the pumping of his heart and the sound of his feet hitting the concrete. He turned onto his street and immediately slowed down, the door to his house sat wide open. The door let out a creak as his fingers grazed against the dark oak. In the living room, a light haired man sat facing the door. He opened his mouth and revealed secrets regarding Jackson and his family. “It’s in your genes. You can’t escape this. You won’t escape us.”
Jackson sat across from Ash, petrified of the news he just received. Thoughts flew through his mind at a mile per minute. ‘I’m a demon. My father is Hades and my mother is Persephone. I am the son of the god of the underworld. I was created out of death and destruction.’ Jackson slouched into the chair and let out a loud sigh as if it would help the situation. Ash cleared his throat and spoke one more time. “I have one last thing to tell you. There’s a prophecy with your name written on it. You are destined to rule the underworld standing next to your
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All the demons could sense the seriousness of the situation and quickly gathered in front of the thrones. Hades and Persephone stood with their heads held high and a look of contentment on their faces.They each gripped one of Jackson’s hands and raised them in the air, with a sense of finality they spoke. “The prodigal son has returned and has chosen to stand with us and rule together!”
The demons clapped and cheered for their new ruler. He kneeled in front of his father and mother as they crowned him. He stood and peered into the crowd, the familiar faces of Ash, Damon, and Angelina stared at him and kneeled down, surrendering themselves to him as their leader. His heart sunk as Ash stood and turned around to leave, thinking Ash didn’t want to join in the commemoration of his arrival. However, as he reached the door frame he turned around and with a sly smile,

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