Andrew Jackson's Removal Of Native Americans

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Could you imagine being moved from your home and march hundreds of miles at gunpoint! It sounds like a nightmare but it was a reality for many innocent people they were forced to move to a whole different place and try to survive. In 1820 the treaty of doak 's stand was one of the very first removal of native and land. Andrew jackson gave a talk /speech to the choctaw proposed land exchange for land in the mississippi for land in arkansas but the choctaw nation did not want to sign the treaty but jackson forced the natives to sign jackson was not yet president. In 1828 andrew jackson ran for the presidential race and he won now things would change in america. April 24 the house of representatives voted to pass the indian removal act 28…show more content…
Many tribes were affected by this act but the major tribes affected are cherokee, chickasaw, creek,seminole,choctaw these tribes were most damaged as also the most civilized. They knew their own language and had many of their own invention to their way of life. When the Europeans came to native homelands they brought deadly diseases and that brought many deaths just about 3,000 Choctaw died and many more tribes suffered but in 18 38 the cherokee were forced out of their homeland and joined the march of tears. On there way over 4,000 were killed or died this brought native populations down 98 % of native americans died during the trial the government was trying to get as many tribes as they could to sign treaties. Chief black hawk leader of the fox and sauk tribes was a victim of the government 's “persuasive” tactics meaning they tortured and abused the natives to get them to sign treaties but some florida indians fought back for several years but the U.S. had power, weapons and numbers. More native fought back such as the seminole tribe fought against the act and it was called the Seminole Wars. there were three separate “wars”. It started as natives responding to getting pushed off their land. In the end, white started to provoke violence so they could be justified in killing natives. The seminole chief at the time was Chief Neamathla he tried to change to course of the war. Chief john ross lead a protest against jackson 's treaty land promised to natives were taken away and they were sent to camps. The aftermath of the indian removal act was just as devastating as the act itself only 2% of the native population remained left this act was a major setback to the natives which now life in poverty and low employment. Most of the native population lives on reservations and many native americans suffer still affects of the
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